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I've taken all photos unless it's noted otherwise. I generally do my best to capture all acts at each show I attend, but sometimes for whatever reason I miss some. In which case, I apologise und enjoy your imagination. Enquiries, proudermummy@hotmail.com

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

26/01/2013. Deadshits 3, second day lingers into digital delay evening for synth cetera inclined ects, The Hideaway, Brisbane.

Half High @ The Hideaway, 26/01/2013. photo 792384_10151340846273673_373577216_o.jpg
Half High

Angel Eyes @ The Hideaway, 26/01/2013. photo 842953_10151340846468673_1386006784_o.jpg
Angel Eyes

Superstar @ The Hideaway, 26/01/2013. photo 775703_10151340846483673_1201344099_o.jpg

26/01/2013. Deadshits 3, day time solo showcase at the Box, Brisbane.

Outerwaves @ The Box, 26/01/2013. photo 843082_10151340844893673_1335685855_o.jpg

Leighton Craig @ The Box, 26/01/2013. photo 841130_10151340844743673_1525512497_o.jpg
Leighton Craig

Evelyn Ida Morris @ The Box, 26/01/2013. photo 778746_10151340845233673_2101668028_o.jpg
Evelyn Ida Morris

25/01/2013. Deadshits 3, first night of which held at the Zoo, Brisbane.

Blank Realm / Naked On The Vague @ The Zoo, 25/01/2013. photo 819240_10151340843458673_58309733_o.jpg
Blank Realm / Naked On The Vague

Hunx and His Punx @ The Zoo, 25/01/2013. photo 819295_10151340843533673_1054657085_o.jpg
Hunx and His Punx (US)

Woods @ The Zoo, 25/01/2013. photo 820908_10151340843648673_2069146491_o.jpg
Woods (US)

Not pictured - Kitchen's Floor.

21/01/2013. I Heart Hiroshima perform again, at the behest of the Big Day Out local stage - stage a local show at the Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane.

Cobwebbs @ Alhambra Lounge, 21/01/2013. photo 778816_10151340841343673_479065860_o.jpg

Tight Slip @ Alhambra Lounge, 21/01/2013. photo 792189_10151340841438673_963423814_o.jpg
Tight Slip

I Heart Hiroshima @ Alhambra Lounge, 21/01/2013. photo 792286_10151340841633673_532766731_o.jpg
I Heart Hiroshima

19/01/2013. Bed Wettin' Bad Boys tour to promote the 'Ready For Boredom' LP, the Primitive Room, Brisbane.

Greg Boring @ The Primitive, 19/01/2013. photo 841066_10151340840828673_428415164_o.jpg
Greg Boring

Red Red Krovvy @ The Primitive, 19/01/2013. photo 842995_10151340840928673_1194990954_o.jpg
Red Red Krovvy

Cobwebbs @ The Primitive, 19/01/2013. photo 820788_10151340840758673_199975994_o.jpg

Not pictured - Bed Wettin' Bad Boys.

18/01/2013. Multiple Man head new social circle showcase in vogue (me ogre), the Crowbar, Brisbane.

Perfume Garden @ The Crow Bar, 18/01/2013. photo 775684_10151305760343673_1123096847_o.jpg
Perfume Garden

Thigh Master @ The Crow Bar, 18/01/2013. photo 774128_10151305760743673_2147057758_o.jpg
Thigh Master

Occults @ The Crow Bar, 18/01/2013. photo 774376_10151305760913673_64068045_o.jpg

Multiple Man @ The Crow Bar, 18/01/2013. photo 773702_10151305761033673_623840314_o.jpg
Multiple Man

12/01/2013. Blank Realm launch the 'Go Easy' LP with a good sort of support at the Primitive Room, Brisbane.

Screaming Match @ The Primitive, 12/01/2013. photo 774983_10151305759093673_1671165673_o.jpg
Screaming Match

Martyr Privates @ The Primitive, 12/01/2013.Taken by Makeda Spooko. photo 774884_10151305759203673_1520169685_o.jpg
Martyr Privates
(taken by Makeda Zucco)

Cured Pink @ The Primitive, 12/01/2013.Taken by Makeda Spooko. photo 774076_10151305759568673_70881135_o.jpg
Cured Pink
(taken by Makeda Zucco)

Per Purpose @ The Primitive, 12/01/2013.Taken by Makeda Spooko. photo 774813_10151305759853673_897418932_o.jpg
Per Purpose
(taken by Makeda Zucco)

Blank Realm @ The Primitive, 12/01/2013.Taken by Harry Lionel Byrne. photo 775160_10151305759908673_1755536112_o.jpg
Blank Realm
(taken by Harry Byrne)

23/12/2012. House show in Milton, rain weather Brisbane.

Brainbeau @ Milton houseshow. 23/12/2012. photo 740171_10151305758258673_1145841112_o.jpg

Multiple Man @ Milton houseshow. 23/12/2012. photo 775095_10151305758888673_1331967801_o.jpg
Multiple Man

Cuntz @ Milton houseshow. 23/12/2012. photo 775075_10151305758323673_1275419570_o.jpg

Not pictured - Old Growth Cola.

22/12/2012. Real Bad Christmas party at Real Bad Music, Brisbane.

Kitchen's Floor @ Real Bad, 22/12/2012. photo 271551_10151255801413673_1674710092_o.jpg
Kitchen's Floor

Blend 42 From Outer Space @ Real Bad, 22/12/2012. photo 415438_10151255799463673_1933729808_o.jpg
Blend 42 From Outer Space

Mutanteer @ Real Bad, 22/12/2012. photo 665059_10151255799958673_735825824_o.jpg

Sky Needle @ Real Bad, 22/12/2012. photo 202223_10151255800128673_1737350344_o.jpg
Sky Needle

Wonderfuls @ Real Bad, 22/12/2012. photo 133528_10151255802323673_1118403352_o.jpg

Cuntz @ Real Bad, 22/12/2012. photo 55917_10151255801383673_1327693536_o.jpg

Soft Power @ Real Bad, 22/12/2012. photo 277542_10151255802298673_1865339723_o.jpg
Soft Power

Gravel Samwidge @ Real Bad, 22/12/2012. photo 218549_10151255802008673_90885131_o.jpg
Gravel Samwidge

Not pictured - Bag Lady, Browning Mummery and Bust.

21/12/2012. All Day Breakfast presents 'Turkey Breakfast', an event showcasing some interstate operatives und their music/film wares, juxtaposed against locals of lesser coverage at the Tribal Theater, Brisbane.

#459 @ Tribal Theatre, 21/12/2012. photo 256915_10151255799408673_641862372_o.jpg

Yoghurt Blood @ Tribal Theatre, 21/12/2012. photo 415871_10151255801108673_1867836074_o.jpg
Yoghurt Blood

Tight Slip @ Tribal Theatre, 21/12/2012. photo 474059_10151255799793673_1164661580_o.jpg
Tight Slip

Cuntz @ Tribal Theatre, 21/12/2012. photo 473976_10151255800453673_2040365838_o.jpg

Not pictured - Ruined Fortune, Cured Pink.

14/12/2012. Fake assholes operating as rock bands convene at the Waiting Room, Brisbane.

Occults @ The Waiting Room, 14/12/2012. photo 471664_10151243667308673_1709144646_o.jpg

Sewers @ The Waiting Room, 14/12/2012. photo 471460_10151243666048673_297394236_o.jpg

Cobwebbs @ The Waiting Room, 14/12/2012. photo 458613_10151243666088673_715968898_o.jpg

Per Purpose @ The Waiting Room, 14/12/2012.Taken by Josh Thrillhouse Watson. photo 326002_10151243665968673_2010697058_o.jpg
Per Purpose
(taken by Josh Watson)