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Thursday, 20 December 2012

CANVASSING BRANCH #4 - Sewers, august 2012.

SEWERS, august 2012.

Smirk before discipline. A booming snide singer in Shan Corrigan, his delay pedal gone on for a second, then switched off again (without delay). Sewers have presence, all meat and potatoes. A band aid as suffocate. Bassist Josh Watson and the down stroke frustration. Rampant frustration. Look at those hands. All four hands. Alex G. on rhythm G. (of Cannon, previously profiled here) lumbers in a slurred lurch between bloodied finger bass guitar and drummer Decsi's stripped-back precise chase after Shan's lord guitar. Lord like rolling a humon hand up and down the neck of a human guitar with split ends as strings.


Shan started Sewers as a guitar drum two piece in late 2008, shy of a wave of bands touting the same set-up. Comprised of Shan on guitar plus singing in a higher pitched sardonic take on made-a-mark e. smith's morrissey swapping haircut. A guy named Jared played the drums in a rolling floor tom snare lock for the most part. They recorded some songs, though never played a show. One of the tracks they managed to record ended up on a Negative Guest List cdr comp accompanying an earlier issue of the zine, with Brendon alluding to a share-ed can't-Wynnum all background in the sentence summary accompanying it (the same track later re-appearing on the 'Wings Over Gabba 12'', a self described 'best of' collected tracks from NGL cdr comps)


 On ice for a while after that, Sewers re-emerged just over two years after the initial recordings, this time as a quartet. Jared still on drums, now with Damon Black (of Secret Birds) on new bass and Alex G. (pre mentioned Kennon member) on middle instrument. After two shows with this lineup (first ever Sewers shows mind), Damon and Jared dropped off (say Sydney, or play in a band titled 'We Have A T.Rex').

(final song that lineup played together)

Rhythm section were fit with fangs following, and Sewers become the force they are today.

They had me take this photo of them at the storage shed they rehearse at. Kennards, West End. It's sheet metal corridors and concrete floors like a blank canvass for treble echo from a space usually reserved for dead dad's dead things. They're standing in a service elevator marked for óbjects only. Objectively, when you flush, it goes to the Sewers.


Here is their only release thus far, a tour cassette Josh dubbed one hundred copies of for some interstate shows with everybody's riff, Martyr Privates. The best way to hear it though is a copy of the physical thing, as it contains some colourful excerpts from conversations with some West End nightlife, where I'll guess that the recording was done unbeknownst to these, say strugglers.


und good measure, a new assault on song from their most recent show.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

CANVASSING BRANCH #3 - Loose Grip, september 2011.

Loose Grip 'Cereal' 7'' unused photo. Taken late 2011.

  Loose Grip have been around for nigh on four years, having started as a high school band for initial three members Kieren Lavering, Sam McCabe and Joe Alexander. Having been informed by the  'drop-the-bass post millenium ideal, Loose Grip in their initial pre Byrne stretch would often lead drop d riffs in a circle before disintegrating into a 'play faster than the seccy chasing you' speed mess, sending shirtless vocalist Kieren on the stumble out for water in a clear plastic bottle. This exercise was best on show when Loose Grip would perform the literally titled track, 'Mess'.

(three piece L.Grip covering The Offspring's 97 Columbia records endorsed ode to hate, 'Cool To Hate)

  Featuring a nascent workhorse in Joe Alexander, Loose Grip's first release, 2009's 'Spew' cdr was one of the first releases on  '10s aus conglomerate Bedroom Suck records. It's cover featured a black and white photo of Loose Grip performing in the Kitchen Floor inclusive household, number 116 latrobe terrace in Paddington. Loose Grip would play on and off around this period, until having played a show with 116 latrobe terrace fixture Matt Kennedy on virgin bass guitar (see here),http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNU15nqGWkY

bonafide bassist 'round town Harry Byrne joined the group, giving them a strong anchor und melodic back bone to stand up and walk hunched over, back and forth a stage with.

 Shortly after, they recorded most of the songs they'd had at their disposal for a long while at the same house mentioned earlier, with Harry manning the four track. Another similar minded (though admittedly more ferocious) band Canibal recorded around the same number of songs in the same session, in what would have ideally been a dual 7'' release, though for whatever reasons, those recordings have sadly been shelved. Canibal themselves fading in and out of the fore. Watch this space I 'spose.

  For the release of the Loose Grip recordings (under the title 'Cereal', named after one the five brief skate bowl stretches on the 45rpm 7'' release), they wanted a photo of the four of them sitting on top of (you guessed it, 116 latrobe terrace), showcasing the up-front front of the house. As opposed to the Kitchen Floor 'looking up at something' back of the house shot emblazoned on black t shirts, black 7'' sleeves and black attitudes now world over. While they ended up using one of the other, closer shots I got, I've uploaded here one of the others I deemed too good to leave on the floor of my room. While it's good to leave some mystery in the world, I will divulge that those bowls of cereal (titular) each of them are cradling, are full of nothing (something to look foward to?, step inside and have a look for yourself..).

Here's a video of Loose Grip playing a squat show in Bowen Hills, 2011 (with Harry Byrne bass)

and pre mentioned Beerwah teeth gnashed trio Canibal, playing at the same show.

and final link, the 'Cereal' 7'' ep, available to stream.

Monday, 3 December 2012

CANVASSING BRANCH #2 - Cannon, march 2012.

CANNON, march 2012.

   Having now been active for just over two years, Brisbane's charming concession to post Black Lips blog-lash Cannon have transcended the garbage (spelling) vogue mire that is youth culture's cycle through yer father's old clothes. In that time, they've released a cdr split with Brisbane's other, more sunglasses conscious take on the same car hold steak, Cobwebbs, a self titled debut album on cd through fledging local label name 'Long Gone Records' and more recently a cassette split with Cow themed quartet Lovely Legs through the same imprint.

 Cannon very quickly became one of the more entertaining acts to see around Brisbane, in no small part thanks to stage antics all wound up within-in jokes, fearless gormless pratfalls and a stage grin wide. Though each member on the whole make up the grand shape of personality on show, Cannon's unique distinction would be brothers Callan and Tristan Murray, who are each seamless in transition between performing for an audience (in the official, musical (boring entertainment) sense) and general time, whether you deem general as a never ending performance of the 'Charming Mime's bigger heart won't stop smiling', or left hand full of your spit - right with two fingers extended on the poke-out for wandering nostrils.

 This photo was taken at a4zzz fundraiser 'Happyfest' held at 2011's steady home to most stage shows 'Woodland bar when, during Lost Animal's set, Cannon en group grabbed me und more or less made me take this photo (among some others with their own, weighted camera). Suffice to say, it was late in the night, and that spilled drink you can see has crossed the Murray family gene left-to-center of the photo was not the only drink that had been spilled by that point, by Cannon, Cannon, Cannon.


You can stream that debut album here

und you might find the physical sense here.

"Don't try to be a great man, just be a man. And let history make its own judgments" - nerds.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

CANVASSING BRANCH #1 - Bitch Prefect, june 2011.

bitch prefect in the men's changing room

Here are Bedroom Suck Records flagship slack pop-trick-trio Bitch Prefect in the men's changing room at Chris Hearn's Winter Chill festival at the Croatian Club in Newcastle, june 2011. The room itself was being used as the store room for all acts assorted equipment, and I took this photo on the sly as Bitch Prefect were doing a light dress rehearsal before performing on the floor before the pokies section of the Croatia themed citizen's league space. Bowls out..


With their loser ode 'Bad Decisions', Bitch Prefect lay claim to perhaps the catchiest pop citation moored in the slack wuss swell that sweeps Australia 2010 - 201? into the pop culture bastion that is rock music, USA. They even have a song about a holiday there.

Initially of Adelaide, all three members have since relocated to Melbourne. Here they are captured pre 'Big Time' 12'' LP, pre 'Big Time' CD LP and pre Vice Magazine.

I like to think of Bitch Prefect (und Scott and Charlene's Wedding) fufilling the pop potential of feral casualties of a novelty name, mid 2000 era act 'Lindsey Low Hand', who featured B.Prefect rockstar dream realisation Scott 'O Hara, then not ready to slice down the middle and whine in the sobering, confronting way he'd later do on Bitch Prefect song 'Ok'.

here you'll find some early Lindsay Low Hand recordings
und here you can stream Bitch Prefect's 2012 bass-less blockbuster 'Big Time'.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

CANVASSING BRANCH - new function

Outside of blanket canvassing being used as a database of my live photos, I've decided to begin to add all the non performance based say, semi promo themed photos I've taken of bands concurrent to the timeline that is stretched out across this blogspot, band photos of bands not performing. With each photo, I'll give a little prose und story about the photo itself, or perhaps a cryptic summary made all the more difficult to decipher by my sellective grammar. Click Clack.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

24/11/2012. Team Quirky presents another Chardons Corner Hotel hike. It's policy. Brisbane.

Curlew @ Chardons Corner Hotel, 24/11/2012.

Kitchen Floor @ Chardons Corner Hotel, 24/11/2012.Taken by Bek Moore.
Kitchen's Floor
(taken by Bec Moore)

Cured Pink @ Chardons Corner Hotel, 24/11/2012.Taken by  Bek Moore.
Cured Pink
(taken by Bec Moore)

24/11/2012. Curious overseas addled Real Bad show preceding half mast magic mile 'nude bike ride', Brisbane.

Punkasila v Steak Daging Kacang Ijo @ Real Bad, 24/11/2012.
Punkasila vs Steak Daging Kacang Ijo (INDO)

DJ Lame @ Real Bad, 24/11/2012.
DJ Lame

Scarlett Lashes @ Real Bad, 24/11/2012.
Scarlett Lashes (NZ)

Not pictured - Slurpee, Club Sound Witches, Bremen Town Musician.

17/11/2012. The inaugural Lost Race records festival event, Cooparoo Bowls Club, Brisbane.

Occults @ Lost Race Festival, Cooparoo Bowls Club. 17/11/2012.

Do The Robot @ Lost Race Festival, Cooparoo Bowls Club. 17/11/2012.
Do The Robot

Black Vacation @ Lost Race Festival, Cooparoo Bowls Club. 17/11/2012.
Black Vacation

Greg Boring @ Lost Race Festival, Cooparoo Bowls Club. 17/11/2012.
Greg Boring

Dreamtime @ Lost Race Festival, Cooparoo Bowls Club. 17/11/2012.

Nite Fields @ Lost Race Festival, Cooparoo Bowls Club. 17/11/2012.
Nite Fields

Primitive Motion @ Lost Race Festival, Cooparoo Bowls Club. 17/11/2012.
Primitive Motion

Cobwebbs @ Lost Race Festival, Cooparoo Bowls Club. 17/11/2012.

Charles Buddy Daaboul @ Lost Race Festival, Cooparoo Bowls Club. 17/11/2012.
Charles Buddy Daaboul

Day Ravies @ Lost Race Festival, Cooparoo Bowls Club. 17/11/2012.
Day Ravies

Four Door @ Lost Race Festival, Cooparoo Bowls Club. 17/11/2012.Taken by Makeda Spooko.
Four Door
(taken by Makeda Zucco)

Not pictured - Secret Birds, Blank Realm, Uplock, Subsea/Pale Earth.

15/11/2012. The first night of a two night launch of all brisbane cassette only compilation 'All Day Breakfast presents, Midday Music', The Waiting Room, Brisbane.

Shooga @ The Waiting Room, 15/11/2012.

Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys @ The Waiting Room, 15/11/2012.Taken by Chelvis Chesley.
Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys
(taken by Chesley Charlton)

Greg Boring @ The Waiting Room, 15/11/2012.
Greg Boring

Blank Realm @ The Waiting Room, 15/11/2012.
Blank Realm

07/11/2012. Psy Ants perform final set, sunglasses at midnight. The Primitive Room, Brisbane.

Sewers @ The Primitive Room, Spring Hill Hotel. 09/11/2012.

Psy Ants @ The Primitive Room, Spring Hill Hotel. 09/11/2012.Taken by Josh Thrillhouse Watson.
Psy Ants
(taken by Josh Watson)

Not pictured - The Maryettas, Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys, Cannon, Multiple Man.

06/11/2012. Psy Ants tour und launch 'Bit Tongue Prik' 12'', play The Metro in Adelaide.

Shopgirl @ The Metro, Adelaide. 08/11/2012.

No Action @ The Metro, Adelaide. 08/11/2012.
No Action

Big Richard Insect @ The Metro, Adelaide. 08/10/2012.Taken by Mitchel Perkins.
Big Richard Insect
(taken by Mitch Perkins)

Psy Ants @ The Metro, Adelaide. 08/10/2012.Taken by Celeste Juliet.
Psy Ants
(taken by Celeste Aldahn)

05/11/2012. Psy Ants tour und launch 'Bit Tongue Prik' 12'', play the Great Northern in Newcastle.

Rat King @ The Great Northern, Adelaide. 07/11/2012.Taken by Mitchel Perkins.
Rat King
(taken by Mitch Perkins)

Lenin Lennon @ The Great Northern, Newcastle. 07/11/2012.
Lenin Lennon

Not pictured - Psy Ants.

04/11/2012. Tuesday Cup Day Mass at the Northcote Social, Melbourne.

Superstar @ The Northcote Social Club, Melbourne. 06/11/2012.

East Link @ The Northcote Social Club, Melbourne. 06/11/2012.
East Link

Psy Ants @ The Northcote Social Club, Melbourne. 06/11/2012.Taken by Joe Alexander.
Psy Ants
(taken by Joe Alexander)

Deaf Wish @ The Northcote Social Club, Melbourne. 06/11/2012.Taken by Stacey Wilson.
Deaf Wish
(taken by Stacey Wilson)

Kitchen's Floor @ The Northcote Social Club, Melbourne. 06/11/2012.Taken by Lachlan Anderson.
Kitchen's Floor
(taken by Lachlan Anderson)

04/11/2012. Psy Ants tour und launch 'Bit Tongue Prik' 12'', play Hollywood Hotel, Sydney.

Yard Duty @ The Hollywood Hotel, Sydney. 04/11/2012.
Yard Duty

Psy Ants @ The Hollywood Hotel, Sydney. 04/11/2012.Taken by Peter Bramley.
Psy Ants
(taken by Pete Bramley)

Mining Boom @ The Hollywood Hotel, Sydney. 04/11/2012.Taken by Mitchel Perkins.
Mining Boom
(taken by Mitch Perkins)

03/11/2012. Psy Ants tour to launch 'Bit Tongue Prik' 12'', play Black Wire Records in Sydney.

Desert Luck @ Black Wire Records, Sydney. 03/11/2012.
Desert Luck

Psy Ants @ Black Wire Records, Sydney. 03/11/2012.Taken by Liza Grace.
Psy Ants
(taken by Liza Grace)

Not pictured - Teen Ax.

02/11/2012. First night of Tim Scott's Maggotfest #3, The Gasometer (upstairs and down), Melbourne.

Psy Ants @ Maggotfest #3 at The Gasometer, Melbourne. 02/11/2012.Taken by Josh Thrillhouse Watson.
Psy Ants
(taken by Josh Watson)

Soma Coma @ Maggotfest #3 at The Gasometer, Melbourne. 02/11/2012.
Soma Coma

Ratsak @ Maggotfest #3 at The Gasometer, Melbourne. 02/11/2012.

Family @ Maggotfest #3 at The Gasometer, Melbourne. 02/11/2012.

The Raw Nerves @ Maggotfest #3 at The Gasometer, Melbourne. 02/11/2012.
The Raw Nerves (NZ)

Tyrannamen @ Maggotfest #3 at The Gasometer, Melbourne. 02/11/2012.

Kitchen's Floor @ Maggotfest #3 at The Gasometer, Melbourne. 02/11/2012.
Kitchen's Floor

White Walls @ Maggotfest #3 at The Gasometer, Melbourne. 02/11/2012.
White Walls

Raw Prawn @ Maggotfest #3 at The Gasometer, Melbourne. 02/11/2012.
Raw Prawn

Deaf Wish @ Maggotfest #3 at The Gasometer, Melbourne. 02/11/2012.
Deaf Wish