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I've taken all photos unless it's noted otherwise. I generally do my best to capture all acts at each show I attend, but sometimes for whatever reason I miss some. In which case, I apologise und enjoy your imagination. Enquiries, proudermummy@hotmail.com

Friday, 28 June 2013

14/06/2013. Beaches play first proper show in Brisbane in leu of their sophomore LP 'She Beats' at the Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane.

Occults @ Black Bear Lodge, 14/06/2013. photo 1009240_10151577429438673_761969729_o.jpg

Per Purpose @ Black Bear Lodge, 14/06/2013.</p><p>Taken by Hei Ack. photo 1015924_10151577430968673_1703117256_o.jpg
Per Purpose
(taken by Heidi Cutlack)

Beaches @ Black Bear Lodge, 14/06/2013. photo 981650_10151577431203673_2003747087_o.jpg

08/06/2013. Trainspotters #31, faux sophophisto mood setters find boss pedals by four, Grand Central Hotel, Brisbane.

Death Legs @ Trainspotters, 08/06/2013. photo 1014587_10151577428558673_92378374_o.jpg
Death Legs

Naked Maja @ Trainspotters, 08/06/2013. photo 1015156_10151577427088673_39495304_o.jpg
Naked Maja

Outerwaves @ Trainspotters, 08/06/2013. photo 1015645_10151577427413673_1047414243_o.jpg

Nite Fields @ Trainspotters, 08/06/2013. photo 1008510_10151577432658673_1252441352_o.jpg
Nite Fields

07/06/2013. White Walls by Brisbane for Self Titled Debut LP launch at Crowbar, Brisbane.

Sewers @ Crowbar, 07/06/2013. photo 1009388_10151577420838673_1664311908_o.jpg

Quiet Steps @ Crowbar, 07/06/2013. photo 1014566_10151577424858673_1574778052_o.jpg
Quiet Steps

Occults @ Crowbar, 07/06/2013.</b></p><p><b></b></p><p><b>Taken by Bradley Armstrong. photo 1009591_10151577424728673_235613881_o.jpg
(taken by Bradley Armstrong)

White Walls @ Crowbar, 07/06/2013. photo 1015557_10151577425958673_1621670327_o.jpg
White Walls

06/06/2013. Killing Joke tour on back of inevitable singles collection, curious support slot perversion at the Hi Fi, Brisbane.

Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys @ The Hi Fi. 06/06/2013. photo 976606_10151559157763673_2025176325_o.jpg
Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys

Killing Joke @ The Hi Fi. 06/06/2013. Taken by Hei Ack. photo 980274_10151559157803673_1927924397_o.jpg
Killing Joke
(taken by Heidi Cutlack)

Not Pictured

01/06/2013. Houseshow in Marrickville for cause of an 'engagement', (marriage proposal), Sydney.

King Tears Mortuary @ Marrickville House Show, Sydney. 01/06/2013. photo 964870_10151559157268673_1877967893_o.jpg
King Tears Mortuary

Mope City @ Marrickville House Show, Sydney. 01/06/2013. photo 977310_10151559157513673_2095851253_o.jpg
Mope City

Not Pictured
Beef Jerk.

01/06/2013. Sky Needle or Mob play Repressed Records instore, Sydney.

Mob @ Repressed Records, Sydney. 01/06/2013. photo 966302_10151559156838673_215629508_o.jpg

Sky Needle @ Repressed Records, Sydney. 01/06/2013. Taken by Lucas Abela. photo 474820_10151559156943673_711483320_o.jpg
Sky Needle
(taken by Lucas Abela)

31/05/2013. AUDI presents MCA's 'artbar' first birthday 20 dollar event, Museum of Contemporary Art. Sydney.

Sky Needle @ MCA, Sydney. 31/05/2013. Taken by Anna John. photo 963963_10151559156793673_678420364_o.jpg
Sky Needle
(taken by Anna John)

Not Pictured
Justice Yeldham, Singing Sadie.

30/05/2013. Ears Have Ears present Sky Needle, of Brisbane/Melbourne/Otherwise at Hibernian House, Sydney.

Exotic Dog @ Hibernian House, Sydney. 30/05/2013. photo 981334_10151559156543673_1139272591_o.jpg
Exotic Dog

Desert Luck @ Hibernian House, Sydney. 30/05/2013. photo 977000_10151559156213673_1696627726_o.jpg
Desert Luck

Sky Needle @ Hibernian House, Sydney. 30/05/2013.</b></p><p><b>Taken by Liza Grace. photo 474830_10151559156293673_738066943_o.jpg
Sky Needle
(taken by Liza Grace)

28/05/2013. No Caucasian Guilt, Guilt Retreat number #3 at the Tribal Theatre, Brisbane.

The Player Haters @ Tribal Theatre, 28/05/2013. photo 977601_10151553963468673_1407964567_o.jpg
The Player Haters

Amateur Childbirth @ Tribal Theatre, 28/05/2013. photo 965830_10151553963428673_713920623_o.jpg
Amateur Childbirth

Scrabble @ Tribal Theatre, 28/05/2013. photo 474879_10151553964603673_673656911_o.jpg

School Girl Report @ Tribal Theatre, 28/05/2013. photo 966368_10151553965543673_1727054720_o.jpg
School Girl Report

22/05/2013. Rick Fights rouse new und fresh local parts for Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane.

Dag @ Black Bear Lodge, 22/05/2013. photo 966348_10151553962798673_1051013037_o.jpg

Fred Wood @ Black Bear Lodge, 22/05/2013. photo 979985_10151553962618673_1806345539_o.jpg
Fred Wood

Rick Fights @ Black Bear Lodge, 22/05/2013. photo 463771_10151553965848673_311130014_o.jpg
Rick Fights

18/06/2013. Mope City (in town by part with Day Ravies (undocumented Super Wild Horses LP launch at Black Bear Lodge...) launch edition of 20(?) Cassette at Angstrom Space series program √Čucalyptic Echoes. The Brunswick. Brisbane.

Scrabble @ The Brunswick, 18/05/2013.</p><p><br></p><p>Taken by Daniel Decsi. photo 977677_10151553961553673_1443339680_o.jpg
(taken by Daniel Decsi)

Barbiturates @ The Brunswick, 18/05/2013. photo 977720_10151526968733673_630530557_o.jpg

Mope City @ The Brunswick, 18/05/2013. photo 981901_10151553961608673_192756461_o.jpg
Mope City

Kids Cryptic @ The Brunswick, 18/05/2013. photo 965633_10151553961758673_1072132147_o.jpg
Kids Cryptic