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I've taken all photos unless it's noted otherwise. I generally do my best to capture all acts at each show I attend, but sometimes for whatever reason I miss some. In which case, I apologise und enjoy your imagination. Enquiries, proudermummy@hotmail.com

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

26/07/2013. The Valley's Alhambra Lounge, perverted by proper part artists and pungent punters in rare show of good open sense, Brisbane.

Dag @ Alhambra Lounge, 26/07/2013. photo 704810_10151665135638673_846287241_o.jpg

Scrabbled @ Alhambra Lounge, 26/07/2013. photo 1077793_10151665136338673_484633648_o.jpg

Wonderfuls @ Alhambra Lounge, 26/07/2013. photo 1074439_10151665136418673_751949255_o.jpg

Per Purpose @ Alhambra Lounge, 26/07/2013.</b></p><p><b></b></p><p><b>Taken by Kahl Monticone. photo 1078934_10151665136548673_840242055_o.jpg
Per Purpose
(taken by Kahl Monticone)

25/07/2013. Another diverse local cross section crowd for downstairs ex strip club Crow Bar in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Martyr Privates @ The Crowbar, 25/07/2013. photo 1073818_10151665135473673_832737840_o.jpg
Martyr Privates

#459 @ The Crowbar, 25/07/2013. photo 1072143_10151665150313673_63471839_o.jpg

Not Pictured
Death Legs and Brainbeau.

22/07/2013. Monday Night Mass at the Northcote Social again explore a post folk rolk boy contemplative crew, where the fringe expresses what the skinny body can't. Melbourne.

Tender Bones @ Northcote Social Club, Melbourne. 22/07/2013. photo 1073928_10151657670833673_2106223290_o.jpg
Tender Bones

East Brunswick All Girls Choir @ Northcote Social Club, Melbourne. 22/07/2013. photo 1085012_10151657671198673_1627656430_o.jpg
East Brunswick All Girls Choir

Straw King Eye @ Northcote Social Club, Melbourne. 22/07/2013. photo 1093845_10151665135398673_2123806146_o.jpg
Straw King Eye

21/07/2013. Toshfest #2, a small microchosm within Melbourne compete with a Nintendo set up with Guitar Hero stage Opposite, Percy's Bistro and Bar.

Penguins @ Percy's Bistro and Bar, Melbourne. 21/07/2013. photo 1073947_10151657672223673_112794393_o.jpg

Autoportraits @ Percy's Bistro and Bar, Melbourne. 21/07/2013. photo 1077101_10151657671728673_1737229749_o.jpg

Grand Prismatic @ Percy's Bistro and Bar, Melbourne. 21/07/2013. photo 1085083_10151657672258673_1800179066_o.jpg
Grand Prismatic

Green Green Green @ Percy's Bistro and Bar, Melbourne. 21/07/2013. Taken by Mitchel Perkins. photo 1077555_10151657671128673_1383113769_o.jpg
Green Green Green
(taken by Mitchel Perkins)

Not Pictured
Dane Certificate, Hardwood, Mental Poodle and Catalysis.

20/07/2013. Bedroom Suck and Polyester (?) represent themselves through roster artists and wistful bill fitters at the Tote in Melbourne.

The Clits @ The Tote, Melbourne. 20/07/2013. photo 1082462_10151657651153673_404407942_o.jpg
The Clits

Angel Eyes @ The Tote, Melbourne. 20/07/2013. photo 1078684_10151657650533673_1715023658_o.jpg
Angel Eyes

Super Star @ The Tote, Melbourne. 20/07/2013. photo 1073790_10151657650273673_1675313356_o.jpg
Super Star

Pearls @ The Tote, Melbourne. 20/07/2013. photo 1085150_10151657649678673_898363434_o.jpg

Per Purpose @ The Tote, Melbourne. 20/07/2013.</b></p><p><b></b></p><p><b>Taken by Pete Bramley. photo 1072535_10151657649003673_1616702806_o.jpg
Per Purpose
(taken by Pete Bramley)

Blank Realm @ The Tote, Melbourne. 20/07/2013. photo 1078976_10151657649783673_1133250195_o.jpg
Blank Realm

19/07/2013. Format's 'Mission Accomplished' festival finds a new venue in an empty warehouse space schedule for demolition come next year. Whole show almost managed without cause for fire alarm, lucky said emission fit Forces rather unforced. For future reference, if you ever accidently let off a fire alarm with no fire in sight, better start one before the fire brigade show up, otherwise you get fined cash demerit. Adelaide.

Wireheads @ 'Mission Accomplished', Adelaide. 19/07/2013. photo 1077615_10151657654973673_1922383861_o.jpg

Fair Maiden @ 'Mission Accomplished', Adelaide. 19/07/2013. photo 1077275_10151657653508673_1148041443_o.jpg
Fair Maiden

Old Mate @ 'Mission Accomplished', Adelaide. 19/07/2013. photo 1009477_10151657653253673_789655627_o.jpg
Old Mate

Per Purpose @ 'Mission Accomplished', Adelaide. 19/07/2013. Taken by Stephanie Crase. photo 976416_10151657652868673_1582377851_o.jpg
Per Purpose
(taken by Steph Crase)

The Crying Game @ 'Mission Accomplished', Adelaide. 19/07/2013. photo 1077608_10151657651973673_1505660119_o.jpg
The Crying Game

Forces @ 'Mission Accomplished', Adelaide. 19/07/2013. photo 52521_10151657651763673_1839441916_o.jpg

Not Pictured
Such Babes.

18/07/2013. Per Purpose launch their Vacant Valley released CS, 'Eureka' at the Metro in Adelaide. Bruff Superior covered The Frontier Scouts.

Psalm Trio @ The Metro, Adelaide. 18/07/2013. photo 1078779_10151657656148673_1541725533_o.jpg
Psalm Trio

Big Richard Insect @ The Metro, Adelaide. 18/07/2013. photo 1071497_10151657655718673_653011988_o.jpg
Big Richard Insect

Bruff Superior @ The Metro, Adelaide. 18/07/2013. photo 1072656_10151657655663673_1263051462_o.jpg
Bruff Superior

Per Purpose @ The Metro, Adelaide. 18/07/2013. photo 1073821_10151657654398673_2090882265_o.jpg
Per Purpose

13/07/2013. Among Dag, Brainbeau, Cobwebbs and Black Vacation, you get a fair idea of Brisbane standard 2013, Trainspotters, free party pies or popcorn.

Dag @ Trainspotters, 13/07/2013. photo 1071553_10151657659103673_1845248745_o.jpg

Brainbeau @ Trainspotters, 13/07/2013. photo 1078785_10151657658453673_1997740320_o.jpg

Cobwebbs @ Trainspotters, 13/07/2013. photo 1073298_10151657657778673_1539251148_o.jpg

Black Vacation @ Trainspotters, 13/07/2013. photo 1082014_10151657658623673_1191251178_o.jpg
Black Vacation

07/07/2013. Three disparate interstate acts convene regardless of local support at the Hideaway, Brisbane.

Footy @ The Hideaway, 07/07/2013.</p><p>Taken by Hei Ack. photo 1073717_10151629261423673_1598918135_o.jpg
(taken by Heidi Cutlack)

Unity Floors @ The Hideaway, 07/07/2013. photo 1065036_10151629261493673_1887374881_o.jpg
Unity Floors

No Art @ The Hideaway, 07/07/2013. photo 1072155_10151629261723673_54452111_o.jpg
No Art

06/07/2013. 4zzzFM's first successive Happyfest sequel, Happyfest 2013 split across two stages through and afternoon, up a set of stairs and into the evening. Winn Lane and the Zoo, Brisbane.

Footy @ Winn Lane, 06/07/2013. photo 1071434_10151629257318673_179530157_o.jpg

Barbiturates @ The Zoo, 06/07/2013.</b></p><p><b></b></p><p><b>Taken by Anna Carluccio. photo 1072151_10151629256873673_437796553_o.jpg
(taken by Anna Carluccio)

Happy Times @ The Zoo, 06/07/2013. photo 1065064_10151629259613673_667332642_o.jpg
Happy Times

Raw Prawn @ The Zoo, 06/07/2013. photo 1074051_10151629259678673_986007742_o.jpg
Raw Prawn

Forces @ The Zoo, 06/07/2013. photo 1008212_10151629259673673_35579980_o.jpg

Samedi Sound System @ The Zoo, 06/07/2013. photo 892747_10151629260403673_1749492946_o.jpg
Samedi Sound System

Multiple Man @ The Zoo, 06/07/2013. photo 1026044_10151629260603673_1137633533_o.jpg
Multiple Man

Not Pictured
X in O, Green Nose and Mysteries.

05/07/2013. Paul Kidney Experience paint Brisbane every colour they can, with support from most of Brisbane's best circa july 2013 at the Chardon's Corner Hotel.

Wonderful @ Chardons Corner Hotel, 05/07/2013. photo 892741_10151629250468673_1868253406_o.jpg

Barbiturates @ Chardons Corner Hotel, 05/07/2013.</b></p><p><b>Taken by Bek Moore. photo 470919_10151629250733673_619984229_o.jpg
(taken by Bek Moore)

Screaming Match @ Chardons Corner Hotel, 05/07/2013. photo 1071400_10151629250483673_2027287848_o.jpg
Screaming Match

Gravel Samwidge @ Chardons Corner Hotel, 05/07/2013. photo 977487_10151629251693673_468604995_o.jpg
Gravel Samwidge

Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys @ Chardons Corner Hotel, 05/07/2013. photo 1074567_10151629252493673_1583270762_o.jpg
Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys

The Paul Kidney Experience @ Chardons Corner Hotel, 05/07/2013. photo 1073911_10151629255233673_656535822_o.jpg
The Paul Kidney Experience