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I've taken all photos unless it's noted otherwise. I generally do my best to capture all acts at each show I attend, but sometimes for whatever reason I miss some. In which case, I apologise und enjoy your imagination. Enquiries, proudermummy@hotmail.com

Monday, 8 April 2013

31/03/2013. All star highway convoy dot Nambour und coaxe feedback lesson in Culture for Sunshine Coast cross-eyed. The Time Machine, Nambour.

Bitter Defeat @ The Time Machine, Nambour. 31/03/2013. photo 906307_10151451173648673_1340340014_o.jpg
Bitter Defeat

Scissor @ The Time Machine, Nambour. 31/03/2013. photo 892278_10151451173458673_920712168_o.jpg

King Tears Mortuary @ The Time Machine, Nambour. 31/03/2013. photo 906932_10151451173793673_907525969_o.jpg
King Tears Mortuary

XNoBBQX @ The Time Machine, Nambour. 31/03/2013. photo 903726_10151451174918673_38483695_o.jpg

Housewives @ The Time Machine, Nambour. 31/03/2013. photo 883553_10151451175048673_35358094_o.jpg

Cured Pink @ The Time Machine, Nambour. 31/03/2013. photo 904575_10151451175108673_466466561_o.jpg
Cured Pink

30/03/2013. Housewives und King Tears Mortuary take Brisbane in turns, launching 4 song 45/ 5 song 45 respective, The Primitive, Brisbane.

The Friendsters @ The Primitive, 30/03/2013. photo 883060_10151451170523673_194659367_o.jpg
The Friendsters

Pastel Blaze @ The Primitive, 30/03/2013. photo 902227_10151451170528673_1573256025_o.jpg
Pastel Blaze

Cannon @ The Primitive, 30/03/2013. photo 903420_10151451170553673_1091392335_o.jpg

King Tears Mortuary @ The Primitive, 30/03/2013. photo 904351_10151451171793673_1736744096_o.jpg
King Tears Mortuary

Sewers @ The Primitive, 30/03/2013. photo 885455_10151451172093673_2034624331_o.jpg

Housewives @ The Primitive, 30/03/2013. photo 906706_10151451171638673_1671123418_o.jpg

29/03/2013. Sonic Masala presents locals only guitar haze company at the Waiting Room, Brisbane.

The Barbiturates @ The Waiting Room, 29/03/2013.Taken by Jasmine Dunn. photo 886420_10151451167928673_1515278344_o.jpg
(Taken by Jasmine Dunn)

Roku Music @ The Waiting Room, 29/03/2013. photo 893615_10151451169198673_1672530731_o.jpg
Roku Music

Gaza Strips @ The Waiting Room, 29/03/2013. photo 906222_10151451169013673_2095395875_o.jpg
Gaza Strips

Black Vacation @ The Waiting Room, 29/03/2013. photo 892830_10151451168988673_322659721_o.jpg
Black Vacation

28/03/2013. Multiple Man launch their debut release, a cassette EP given the tick by Adelaide imprint 'Major Crimes'. The Crow Bar, Brisbane.

Sewers @ Crow Bar, 28/03/2013. photo 883405_10151451163108673_1866908835_o.jpg

Soft Power @ Crow Bar, 28/03/2013. photo 903530_10151451163008673_323432875_o.jpg
Soft Power

Occults @ Crow Bar, 28/03/2013. photo 906289_10151451163223673_1918208100_o.jpg

Multiple Man @ Crow Bar, 28/03/2013. photo 904371_10151451164593673_1268088283_o.jpg
Multiple Man

26/03/2013. No Caucasian Guilt presents Melbourne based AV collective Zonk Vision, Tribal Theatre, Brisbane.

X in O @ Tribal Theatre, 26/03/2013. photo 901608_10151451160708673_397008884_o.jpg
X in O

Luke Penders @ Tribal Theatre, 26/03/2013. photo 891704_10151451161458673_384059140_o.jpg
Will Holden

Tim Dwyer @ Tribal Theatre, 26/03/2013. photo 882097_10151451161873673_831548764_o.jpg
Tim Dwyer

Danny Wild @ Tribal Theatre, 26/03/2013. photo 903440_10151451161363673_1352877534_o.jpg
Danny Wild
(taken by Heidi Cutlack)

17/03/2013. 'Audiopollen' moniker resurrected for series of shows at 199 upstairs. Tonight being the launch of the No Guru LP 'There's No Guru', on Hash Ram Concern. Brisbane.

Biffplex @ 199 Boundary st., 24/03/2013. photo 883274_10151451166558673_1845139242_o.jpg

The Feather Collector AKA Hannaka @ 199 Boundary st., 24/03/2013. photo 883957_10151451167893673_1433150786_o.jpg
The Feather Collector AKA Hannaka

No Guru @ 199 Boundary st., 24/03/2013.Taken by Hei Ack. photo 882463_10151451167948673_143842650_o.jpg
No Guru
(taken by Heidi Cutlack)

Not Pictured
Adam Sussmann + Yusuke Akai + Patricia Escalon.

24/03/2013. 'Cassette Project 006', an initiative where each act'll do a live remix of each other's set while it occurs real time, generating a tape with the effect of the remix exclusive to that tape. DISCLAIMER it stormed, the concept cancelled, generating no remix tapes. Click Clack. Hampstead Rd. House, Brisbane.

Cured Pink @ Hampstead rd. Houseshow, 24/03/2013.Taken by Jason Bright. photo 901435_10151451165543673_1679150048_o.jpg
Cured Pink
(taken by Jason Bright)

Roku Music @ Hampstead rd. Houseshow, 24/03/2013. photo 883698_10151451166203673_1446233017_o.jpg
Roku Music

Babaganouj @ Hampstead rd. Houseshow, 24/03/2013. photo 891985_10151451166663673_895269058_o.jpg

23/03/2013. Rics bar introduce bouncers who frisk strangers for knives entering the place, Brisbane.

Thigh Master @ Rics, 23/03/2013. photo 894777_10151451160113673_1808426638_o.jpg
Thigh Master

Not Pictured

22/03/2013. Three modern QLD guitar rock bands hold five dollar friday summit. Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane.

Cannon @ Black Bear Lodge, 22/03/2013. photo 881937_10151451158893673_1137372561_o.jpg

Martyr Privates @ Black Bear Lodge, 22/03/2013. photo 893375_10151451158863673_57371936_o.jpg
Martyr Privates

Per Purpose @ Black Bear Lodge, 22/03/2013.Taken by Hei Ack. photo 894877_10151451160283673_823229670_o.jpg
Per Purpose
(taken by Heidi Cutlack)

20/03/2013. First in what could be many '5 dollars to watch avant ear abusers 'practice' their wears at QLD warm static upstairs altar, Real Bad Music, Brisbane.

Bad Intentions @ Real Bad, 20/03/2013. photo 903567_10151451164928673_829870692_o.jpg
Bad Intentions

Scrabble @ Real Bad, 20/03/2013. photo 894424_10151451157508673_2039823064_o.jpg

X Wave @ Real Bad, 20/03/2013. photo 894912_10151451157808673_1182258207_o.jpg
X Wave

Gravel Samwidge @ Real Bad, 20/03/2013. photo 884458_10151451158043673_4705339_o.jpg
Gravel Samwidge

Not PicturedImpromptu mystery.

15/03/2013. 'Caesar Had It Coming', an anti-policeman exercise vith donation gone for the 4zzz Grass Roots News team, 199 Upstairs, Brisbane.

Dispatcha @ 199 upstairs, Boundary st. 15/03/2013. photo 886423_10151427422933673_1505432554_o.jpg

Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys @ 199 upstairs, Boundary st. 15/03/2013. photo 892211_10151427423158673_426755211_o.jpg
Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys

The Molotov @ 199 Upstairs, 16/03/2013.Taken by Heidi Cutlack. photo 891863_10151427425583673_1747366791_o.jpg
The Molotov
(taken by Heidi Cutlack)

Not PicturedSteve Towson, Notorious I.B.M.

16/03/2013. Various artists of Brisbane exhibit mostly light based verks at QUT art museum, Brisbane.

Lawrence English @ QUT Art Museum, 16/03/2013. photo 881983_10151427424623673_352417177_o.jpg
Lawrence English

Eugene Carchesio @ QUT Art Museum, 16/03/2013. photo 885087_10151427424338673_624522270_o.jpg
Eugene Carchesio

Ross Manning @ QUT Art Museum, 16/03/2013. photo 894987_10151427424043673_281823783_o.jpg
Ross Manning

09/03/2013. Day Ravies visit QLD, play before prompt audience plump with free popcorn and partly pies (please...). Trainspotters, Brisbane.

Nite Fields @ Trainspotters, 09/03/2013. photo 882460_10151427423398673_250526911_o.jpg
Nite Fields

Day Ravies @ Trainspotters, 09/03/2013. photo 882163_10151427422818673_97744069_o.jpg
Day Ravies

Not Pictured
Tiny Migrants.

08/03/2013. The Bad Seeds tour Aus to launch latest LP, 'Push The Sky Away'. First show in Brisbane with new inclusion, Ed Kuepper. Riverstage, Brisbane.

Mark Lanegan @ The Riverstage. 08/03/2013. photo 894497_10151427423828673_546124685_o.jpg
Mark Lanegan

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds @ Riverstage, 08/03/2013. photo 894418_10151427425288673_293925080_o.jpg
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

04/03/2013. Solo laptop en vogue, Australia. Northcote Social, Melbourne.

Rohan Reibero @ The Northcote Social, Melbourne. 04/03/2013. photo 883498_10151427423658673_1613196781_o.jpg
Rohan Reibero

Not Pictured
Simon J. Karis, Cornel Wilczek.