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I've taken all photos unless it's noted otherwise. I generally do my best to capture all acts at each show I attend, but sometimes for whatever reason I miss some. In which case, I apologise und enjoy your imagination. Enquiries, proudermummy@hotmail.com

Friday, 28 June 2013

14/06/2013. Beaches play first proper show in Brisbane in leu of their sophomore LP 'She Beats' at the Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane.

Occults @ Black Bear Lodge, 14/06/2013. photo 1009240_10151577429438673_761969729_o.jpg

Per Purpose @ Black Bear Lodge, 14/06/2013.</p><p>Taken by Hei Ack. photo 1015924_10151577430968673_1703117256_o.jpg
Per Purpose
(taken by Heidi Cutlack)

Beaches @ Black Bear Lodge, 14/06/2013. photo 981650_10151577431203673_2003747087_o.jpg