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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

CANVASSING BRANCH #3 - Loose Grip, september 2011.

Loose Grip 'Cereal' 7'' unused photo. Taken late 2011.

  Loose Grip have been around for nigh on four years, having started as a high school band for initial three members Kieren Lavering, Sam McCabe and Joe Alexander. Having been informed by the  'drop-the-bass post millenium ideal, Loose Grip in their initial pre Byrne stretch would often lead drop d riffs in a circle before disintegrating into a 'play faster than the seccy chasing you' speed mess, sending shirtless vocalist Kieren on the stumble out for water in a clear plastic bottle. This exercise was best on show when Loose Grip would perform the literally titled track, 'Mess'.

(three piece L.Grip covering The Offspring's 97 Columbia records endorsed ode to hate, 'Cool To Hate)

  Featuring a nascent workhorse in Joe Alexander, Loose Grip's first release, 2009's 'Spew' cdr was one of the first releases on  '10s aus conglomerate Bedroom Suck records. It's cover featured a black and white photo of Loose Grip performing in the Kitchen Floor inclusive household, number 116 latrobe terrace in Paddington. Loose Grip would play on and off around this period, until having played a show with 116 latrobe terrace fixture Matt Kennedy on virgin bass guitar (see here),http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNU15nqGWkY

bonafide bassist 'round town Harry Byrne joined the group, giving them a strong anchor und melodic back bone to stand up and walk hunched over, back and forth a stage with.

 Shortly after, they recorded most of the songs they'd had at their disposal for a long while at the same house mentioned earlier, with Harry manning the four track. Another similar minded (though admittedly more ferocious) band Canibal recorded around the same number of songs in the same session, in what would have ideally been a dual 7'' release, though for whatever reasons, those recordings have sadly been shelved. Canibal themselves fading in and out of the fore. Watch this space I 'spose.

  For the release of the Loose Grip recordings (under the title 'Cereal', named after one the five brief skate bowl stretches on the 45rpm 7'' release), they wanted a photo of the four of them sitting on top of (you guessed it, 116 latrobe terrace), showcasing the up-front front of the house. As opposed to the Kitchen Floor 'looking up at something' back of the house shot emblazoned on black t shirts, black 7'' sleeves and black attitudes now world over. While they ended up using one of the other, closer shots I got, I've uploaded here one of the others I deemed too good to leave on the floor of my room. While it's good to leave some mystery in the world, I will divulge that those bowls of cereal (titular) each of them are cradling, are full of nothing (something to look foward to?, step inside and have a look for yourself..).

Here's a video of Loose Grip playing a squat show in Bowen Hills, 2011 (with Harry Byrne bass)

and pre mentioned Beerwah teeth gnashed trio Canibal, playing at the same show.

and final link, the 'Cereal' 7'' ep, available to stream.