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Sunday, 2 December 2012

CANVASSING BRANCH #1 - Bitch Prefect, june 2011.

bitch prefect in the men's changing room

Here are Bedroom Suck Records flagship slack pop-trick-trio Bitch Prefect in the men's changing room at Chris Hearn's Winter Chill festival at the Croatian Club in Newcastle, june 2011. The room itself was being used as the store room for all acts assorted equipment, and I took this photo on the sly as Bitch Prefect were doing a light dress rehearsal before performing on the floor before the pokies section of the Croatia themed citizen's league space. Bowls out..


With their loser ode 'Bad Decisions', Bitch Prefect lay claim to perhaps the catchiest pop citation moored in the slack wuss swell that sweeps Australia 2010 - 201? into the pop culture bastion that is rock music, USA. They even have a song about a holiday there.

Initially of Adelaide, all three members have since relocated to Melbourne. Here they are captured pre 'Big Time' 12'' LP, pre 'Big Time' CD LP and pre Vice Magazine.

I like to think of Bitch Prefect (und Scott and Charlene's Wedding) fufilling the pop potential of feral casualties of a novelty name, mid 2000 era act 'Lindsey Low Hand', who featured B.Prefect rockstar dream realisation Scott 'O Hara, then not ready to slice down the middle and whine in the sobering, confronting way he'd later do on Bitch Prefect song 'Ok'.

here you'll find some early Lindsay Low Hand recordings
und here you can stream Bitch Prefect's 2012 bass-less blockbuster 'Big Time'.